Eugenia Mestre

Eugenia Mestre

Material painting. Carefully crafted and full of texture. The figures hint themselves, simplified and incomplete, leaving the spotlight to the set, the description never being realistic. The accompanying graphics are in a constant dialogue. It works from the encounter of mixed feelings: forcibly- delicacy, run-reflection, emotion and rationality, precision gesture. The results are the personal balance that characterizes the work.

The graphics can be drawn with ink, charcoal and graphite. Words can arise to be scratches on the soft structure of the canvas, but also transferred directly on a bare wood support.

The attached material generated by different qualities and extend the range of artistic effects. Pasta marble and sand that can generate forms and figures. Custom-printed materials and textures. Incisions that form patterns.

The colour palette is predominantly warm. Deep reds, earth tones, white and dark cobalt green as counterpoint.
The search for colour effects, leads to the coexistence of different pictorial materials that interact within the same support, and just multiply the qualities of colour in the work.

The discourse that structures the proposed dialogue often revolves around simple emotions and legitimate desires. Always under the shadow of overcoming and struggle. Framed in the present context and seeking support in the classical past.

Eugenia Mestre, Artist and Art teacher. Trained at the School of Arts and Crafts in Sabadell (ISLA SCHOOL) by the hand of the artist Agustin Puig Sabadell. Now combines his artistic work alone in his studio in San Cugat with a collective work and cooperation with other artists. In recent years she has worked particularly on projects that merge painting and poetry.

“… Art is a language and painting a dialogue. Stories, emotions and subjectivities that take shape on the substrate. Sometimes working alone makes you feel like you scoff messages in a bottle into the sea … and maybe that’s why often I seek the involvement of my students and some writers to work with…. ”


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