Art restoration

We work with a team of specialized professionals who will conduct a previous diagnosis and prepare a free quote without any obligation.

Each project is treated individually for each customer, with unique characteristics and needs. After the treatment we will give also a detailed report of the analysis and interventions.

The restoration includes all those interventions to restore the legitimacy of the piece as much as possible and necessary, without sacrificing its historical and aesthetic integrity. The professional’s task is to bring the work to the original state it was created, eliminating the outside elements.

General guidelines of the conservator-restorer action:

Preliminary analysis

Before carrying out any intervention, a methodical and scientific examination will have to be made, orientated to the understanding of the object in all the his aspects and to plan the treatment.

Minimum intervention

You will have to act as little as possible on each work, without incurring unnecessary treatments or actions that threaten its integrity (transport, dangerous treatments…)


Any intervention must be “reversible”. All materials and proceedings shall be be possible to be removed in the future.


The intervention must be easily recognized. Reconstructions will not be mimetic, ie there will be no effort to distinguish the original parts.

Respect to the original work

Original objects will not be modified by form or color. Before taking action, different questions will be taken into account, such as: how far should it be cleaned?


The conservator-restorer will conduct a post-treatment report which covers all the actions carried out and a photographic record of the work.