Art valuation and appraisal

The qualification and quantification is essential in distributions of inheritance or divorce, probate, pledges, casualties and insurances

Our services include expert assessment and appraisal of paintings, drawings, furniture, sculptures, books, silver, jewelry, porcelain, fans, glass, carpets, coins, icons, and generally of all objects considered art or antiques.
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General guidelines for the art assessment and valuation

Valuation and appraisal

We put price on your works of art or antiques, for this we count on a data base of prices updated of pieces in the market of the art, prices in art galleries, antique dealers and quotation in auctions.

Written valuation: artistic pieces of any style and period.
Valuation criteria: authenticity, authorship, chronology, style, subject, support, conservation, fashion, oddity…


In the face of the ignorance of the authorship of a work of art, our work consists of an exhaustive bibliographical and documental research at national and international level, to be able to arrive at the correct cataloging and/or authorship of the work. Once the research of the work of reference has been carried out, we can manage to know the author, the workshop, the circle or the school to which the studied piece belongs.
Next, if you want, we process the corresponding judgement of authorship and/or authentication of the work in question, once in charge of the best and more specialist national as well as foreign have been recognized, giving you, the result in writing.

Judgement of authorship

We can do a judgement of authorship and we determine works of art that concern our speciality. Our permanent contact with the best specialists, Spanish as well as foreign, allows us the power to offer for the works and objects that escape of our strict area of specialization the procedure of the judgement and, in its case, the corresponding judgement of authorship carried out by the international specialists of major prestige and recognition.
We consider that this service is of maximum importance to verify the authenticity of the works of art and, consequently of its value.

Cataloging and inventory

We catalog and we inventory, any work of art, in writing and with every detail of artistic collection or objects. For this we review, besides the technical card, other aspects as: state of conservation, exhibitions, bibliography, origin and a long etc.
This service is indispensable for the quantification and qualification of any public or private collection.

Technical studies

We contact the best specialists and workshops for to be able to make, with absolute guarantee, the technical studies which it are determined for the research of a work of art and also for the necessary interventions that they require the correct maintenance and conservation of the works of art. Studies that can be carried out: Analysis of pigments. Analysis of support. Analysis of materials. X-ray. Infrared. Ultraviolet light . Check of the writing.