Artistic decoration

Professional service for creating unique and differentiated spaces.

At teresarius: promotors d’art the main purpose of our cultural services is the promotion of our artists in all their creative fields.

The majority of the artists who collaborate with us are versatile and use their sensitivity and talent in very diverse disciplines. Artistic Decoration is among these disciplines and is of great importance in the world of Interior Designs.

The selection on display is a brief sample of the works, styles and techniques used by every artist. The options are infinite; everything depends on the demands of the client.

All works are unique, since every piece and space that is being created is customized. By these means, Interior Designers can develop their own ideas and unveil their creativity.

Because of all this, we strongly believe that this service of teresarius: promotors d’art will be of great support in attaining your goal in the creation of unique and personalized spaces.