Artistic gifts

Artistic gifts are a wonderful way to get a distinctive touch with your gifts.

An original piece can be the best way to boost prestige and recognition in a gift.

At teresarius: promotors d’art we do customized editions of pictorial works, engravings, lithographs, reprographies, sculptures and pictures, offering you a wide range of options to create your perfect gift for each occasion. All works are signed by the author and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

We make quotes accordind to quantity.

Gift ideas

Eva Casanova - Dolls in a little house

Each piece of art “Dolls in a little house” of the Catalan artist Eva Casanova, painter who exposes at Espai Cultural Francolí in June 2013, is a fusion of painting and sculpture that gives life to a little fantastic being. Lives in their wooden house, which recreates the environment where imagination has emerged.

Price: 125€. Sizes: 22 x 16 cm.

Rocio Ahnert - Chinese ink

Chinese Ink and gouache on Japanesse paper by the artist Rocio Ahnert (Burgos, 1952). There are artworks of a style inspired by a personal interpretation of nature and the human body, with influences of Eastern art, but full of Mediterranean sensuality.

Price: 125 €. Sizes: 35 x 36 cm.
150 € framed on deep black metallic black and Liston (41×51 cm). 

Lourdes Civit - Paper-art

For Lurdes Civit, paper is not simply a passive support in the whole of the work, but is an integral part of it and is its primary element. Its implementation on the basis of work with crushed and pigmented cellulose fibers allows the composition of the work with the technique of layering, embossing and laminating.

J. Morejón and Ll. Benet - Photographs of Barcelona

Splendid pictures of Barcelona made by Joan Morejón and Lluís Benet. Pictures of great quality and beauty thought to make arrive the photography to all public and pockets.

Prices: 20€ (19x13cm) and 30€ (25x18cm).

Martí Pey - Art boxes

The artistic boxes of Martí Pey (Barcelona, 1948) have an own aesthetics. They go away from the two-dimensional works (paper, canvas, etc), they are threedimensional. Their plastic possibilities are quite attractive and varied. They can be personalized to the liking of the customer: sizes, colors, form, subject, integration of other elements… Pieces can be made unique, for example, for giving to a homaged person or limited edition series, for giving them to an indeterminate number of people.

Price: 150 € For amounts of more than 10 units the price will be reduced.

José Páez del Nogal - Watercolors

José Páez del Nogal, Venezuelan plastic artist. Certified watercolors of 20 x 28 cm presented in a folder designed by the artist and accompanied of a catalog. They are works loaded of sensuality and delicacy, where the stain predominates, the color, the line and the point.

Price: 100€. Reduced price for more than 10 units.

Joaquim Espuny - Objects and sculptures

Joaquim Espuny (Tortosa, 1967). They are limited edition productions essentially in stoneware and refractory sand cooked at high temperature, that can be completed with the utilization of other materials like crystal, glass, stone, wood or metal. Even the presentation of the object is made thinking of its singularity.

Variable prices depending on each project, adapted to the needs of each customer. 

Joanmiquel Font - Paintings

Joanmiquel Font (Olot, 1964). They are magical creations, landscapes inspired in the earth with a strong volcanic motivation, full of contrasts, textures and colors that transmit a heap of sensations to our senses. They are paintings of a mixed technique on canvas of 30×30 cm, also presented on iron and with a certified box included.

Price: 200€. Reduced price for more than 10 units.

Marta Montcada - Ceramic cups

Coffee cups made of china in two colors. Exclusive design by the artist Marta Montcada, presented in a nbeautiful cardboard box.

Berenice - Sets of chess

Berenice it is the pseudonym that uses the artist María La Placa (La Paz, Bolivia, 1962) for her decorative artistic line. She diversifies her work creating unique objects and unrepeatable paintings.

She works with different techniques and styles that adapt themselves to the taste and the needs of the customer creating decorative units for any type of environment and in an accessible cost.

Price: 95€. Reduced price for more than 10 units.